Dave Pflieger Featured on eTurboNews.com

Hollywood producers looking to cast the role of a senior executive heading an airline flying to exotic destinations would easily select Dave Pflieger. He is smart, young, attractive, articulate and secretive. He has lived on the edge (Air Force pilots are considered... read more

Airbus To Test Flying Car By End of Year

Since the dawn of the first automobile, human beings have hoped to take the incredible convenience and ease of a car’s mobility and translate it to the skies. With the advent of the airplane, humans were finally able to do the impossible: fly. And with these two... read more

5 Tips For Plane Travel In Winter Weather

During the winter, air travel can be unpredictable. The weather can lead to a delay or cancellation of your flight, and if you’re not prepared, this can put a damper on your vacation. Here are a few rules to remember when you’re flying in the winter: 1) Don’t make a... read more


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